World Cup Cricket 2019- Finishing Chapter

World Cup Cricket 2019- Finishing Chapter
World Cup Cricket 2019- Finishing Chapter – and what a chapter!

The #CWC2019 has finished in the most dramatic style!

#England ran out winners in what will be remembered as the oddest winning margin – not to believe.

The Final was a stalemate! The only game of the #CWC19, which ended in a draw after 50-overs.

New Zealand in their second consecutive final, made 241 in 50 overs.

English reply was in tatters. On 86 they had lost 4 wickets when Josh Butler and Ben Stokes made all-turning 5th wicket partnership of 110 runs.

At that point, England looked certain to win, but they kept losing wickets to some superb Kiwis bowlers.

Key Moments

There were two moments, which turned the game to English favour:

  1. England lost Plunkett on the third ball of 49th over. Very next ball Stoke hit a huge shot and was caught on the boundary line by Boult. But in his follow-through, he stamped on boundary line adds, which means instead of getting another wicket New Zealand conceded a 6. Just if Boult had thrown the ball to Guptill before stamping on the boards.
  2. Then came the fatal Umpiring error, which cost New Zealand the victory. Stokes hit a shot and ran for a second run. The throw came into the Wicketkeepers’ end, but hit diving Stokes on the head, and went to cross the boundary line. Absolutely unintentionally! But it gave England 6 runs. That was the error the umpire made because it should have counted for only 5 runs, which means England would have lost by 1 run!

The game ended with both teams on 241! So, a super-over was coming.

England made 15 runs, with 2 FOURS. New Zealand’s reply was also 15 runs with 1 SIXER.

So the result was England won on MOST BOUNDARIES SCORED IN SUPER-OVER! Would you believe it???!

It was the hardest luck against the Kiwis. But the game was so balanced, that no team deserved to lose. At the end of the day, someone had to, but the way of winning a tournament should be revised. This is cruel on the losing team – at last, the 6 runs when the ball hit Stokes’ head and went to the boundary, should have to be consulted with the fourth official or TV Umpire.

I made a prediction before the tournament, and my predictions for top-four was absolutely spot on.

Other Teams

Of other teams, #Pakistan after having a bad start, went very close to be in semis. Remembering the fate, New Zealand was about to lose a very important game against West Indies, when Braithwaite stunned Kiwis with a stunning inning. Of the ball, he was caught on BOUNDARY line, if that was gone for a SIXER and West Indies had won, New Zealand would have failed to qualify for the semis and Pakistan would have taken their place.

Another notable episode of the tournament came, when the most coward, the most idiotical team in World, #India lost on purpose to England, so Pakistan won’t qualify. That was the most rubbish sportsmanship from any team in the history of the tournament. The Indian team’s attitude was insane! They were pathetic and rubbish in that game against England. If India had won it would have meant England would have missed semis and Pakistan would have gone through. History will remember these cowards Indians!

South Africa was the biggest disappointment of the tournament, ending on 8th position. They have a huge task in rebuilding their side as many of the players are getting old.

Bangladesh was a big plus for the tournament. They played some magnificent cricket. Shakib Hasan showed why he is the best all-rounder right now. Had a superb tournament.

Although Afghanistan lost all their 9 games, they came close to beat both Pakistan and India. They have got some exciting talent.

Writer: Masood

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