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A Message

Pegham Network thanks ALL of its former and current members.

Regardless of how much time you have spent at Pegham, we respect your love, passion, contribution and, most of all, sharing your valuable knowledge towards developing the Best Online Community for Urdu-speaking people worldwide. Therefore, even your hatred, expressed on several occasions, is evaluated.

Thanks a lot for making Pegham a unique Forum and making Pegham a ‘home’ for many, a family affair, a place for friendship, love and comings-to-gather. Pegham had a unique application to members who found their soulmates at Pegham, which is credibility second to none.

The Message is that things change over time, and so is here at Pegham.

The reason for changing the face of Pegham is:

  1. The world of Forums has lost its charm because of the Social Media
  2. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a forum
  3. The cost of keeping Forum alive is more than the gain
  4. and some personal reasons

I am passionate about developing a site for my love of Urdu Poetry and Urdu Literature, sharing my knowledge and learning from others, and, most importantly, spreading the RIGHTEOUS knowledge about Islam.

Unfortunately, there is too much confusion and wrong-sharing about Islam on the Net, especially on Facebook.

As an admin, I still love to have this contact with my friends and followers. Therefore you are welcome to join me on this site to share your knowledge, poetry, writing and whatever you have in your mind to express – Pegham is the place for you!



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