About This Website

This website is a transformation of Pegham Forum, which was started in 2005.

Forum has more than 16000 registered members, who have shared the best of knowledge. By the time things changes, so did the world of Forums. Because of lack of interest in Forum building software and available plugins/mods/hacks/themes the layout of Forum software has fallen way behind the likes of WordPress.

We’ll provide most interesting and knowledgeable threads from the to this Website and keep forum as a secondary part. It will not be shutdown as it contains more than 2.5M posts, pictures, poetry designing etc. and have more than 85000 threads.

This site is then divided into several parts:

  1. Pegham Network (current site): this will contain posts about Political Articles, Members own poetry, Music, Videos, Galleries, Games and much much more…
  2. Urdu Pegham Network: This is a comprehensive site dedicated to Urdu Literature. It will contains history of Urdu Language,  A Section of Wiki of Urdu Poets, Writers etc, best of Urdu Poetry, novels, articles etc, Videos related to Urdu Adab and much much mre…
  3. Islam Network will be a very special website. Created in 3 languages: Urdu, English and Danish, this site will be dedicated to Islam – a solution for humanity. Explained in simple language, in words all can understand.
  4. Pegham Forum: the ‘old’ Forum site still kept and used as it was in old days.
  5. A dedicated site for Pakistan – historical, political, economical, social, religious ups and downs of this beautiful country
  6. Iqbal Network: A very special and dedicated site for Allama Iqbal
  7. etc