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You Want An iPhone????

So... You Want An iPhone????

So… You Want An iPhone????

Although this thread was posted on Pegham on 30th May 2013, it is still relevant, as you see pictures like these quite often on Social Media…

We all have seen this and similar pictures on Facebook and other media. I personally always ignore such views.

But when this picture was posted on Profile Page of Orya Maqbool Jan on Facebook on 30th May 2014, my temperament boiled over. I posted this comment on Orya’s page:

Yes, I will! I will buy an iPhone (although I hate iPhones), would you like to know why??? Because I am NOT responsible for this imbalance in the World. This little boy is suffering because of those idiots sitting in the UN. Those idiots who own the World Bank are controlling this little boy’s faith. His so-called leaders are working corruptly on behalf of the wrongdoers. Those Arabs, who pays millions of dollars per WEEK for players to play a game of football. Those mufaadprast leaders who are the biggest corrupt fraudsters, murderers, and looters still control this World; they are a culprit of the imbalance between the poor and rich. Allah didn’t create the imbalance – we did. Only 4% control the faith of 96% people. Allah gave us the power to make a difference – we have forgotten our purpose of fighting Satanism. This little boy’s dreams are quashed by the 4% who control the wealth. I am working hard to earn my bread. I can have some luxuries.  – yeh merey deen ney bhi mujhey allow kii hain!! Mujhey is bacha ki halat per afsos hai, magar is sey kaii gunah nafrat aisey picture phaila kar logon ko zehni torture karney walon sey hai!!!

For God sake aisi tasweerein dikha kar aam satah key logon ko torture mat kijiye!!! Yeh log jo apney khoon paseeney ki kamaii sey agar aik iPhone ley lein gey to yeh qayamat nahin, agar qayamat hai to woh unbalance hai jis ney is duniya ko is halaat mein pohncha diya hai. Agar aisi pictures dikhani hain to un beghairton ko dikhao jo ayyashi key addey aabad kiyey bethey hain, jo juwa aur gambling per duniya ko loot rahey hain, jo tail key khizanon ko ayyashon per luta rahey hain – aam insaan inka mujrim nahin!!!!


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