How to clean a log file in Linux?

Emptying a log file in Linux

How to clean a log file in Linux? – Over time it gets necessary to truncate log files. Expanding log files may not be easy to read. In Linux emptying a log file is easily achieved by issuing some basics commands. To remove or truncate a file, we can use /dev/null, which is utilized to discard text.

Be sure NOT to clean ANY file. Some files may be needed and should not be truncated.

To truncate or clean up a log file, do following:

linux# cat /dev/null > [logfle]

You can use alternative methods to achieve same result:

linux# : > [logfile] (: is semicolon)
linux# true > [logfile]
linux# cp /dev/null [logfile]
linux# dd if=/dev/null of=[logfile]
linux# echo “” > [logfile]


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